11 Really Easy Ways To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

For everyone who likes to avoid the hairdresser for as long as possible.

Get a haircut with lots of layers.

“The longer you keep your hair the one length, the quicker it's going to lose its lift and volume,” says Anthony Nader, celebrity stylist and creative director of Sydney's RAW salon. A layered cut is more likely to look styled after a few months without a trim, unlike a blunt one, which can end up looking triangular.


Especially if you have thick, curly, natural hair.

Basically, layers are key.


If you want to go short, opt for a pixie cut.

A short pixie cut is essentially layered all over, without any blunt lines. Once your ends start to get a little extra length, a styling gel or mousse can help you style your short hair back away from your eyes.

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And if you want to keep your hair long, grow it below your shoulder blades and just embrace that appointment-free life.

Once you reach this length you've surpassed that ~in-between~ length. Also, once your hair gets this long, it's less likely that you'll be choosing to blow-dry regularly, meaning your ends will stay healthy for longer.


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