15 Recommended Hacks To Make Your Hair Bigger And Better

People share advice for getting a majorly magnificent mane.

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Dry with cotton, not terrycloth.

Dry with cotton, not terrycloth.

“To tie my wet hair up after a shower, I use men's cotton tees. I stick my head the wrong way through the 'head hole,' twist up my hair with the rest of the shirt, then tuck excess fabric into the back of the hole. All my hair fits inside, and cotton eliminates the frizz caused by drying with terrycloth.” —rachels373

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Diversify your product game.

Diversify your product game.

“I use two hairsprays: a more flexible one to build volume and brush out while shaping, and an extra hold one. I spray it until it doesn’t move — when it comes to hair, bigger is always better.” —byndilaupsteen

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