19 Mansplaining Horror Stories That Are So Ridiculous They’re Almost Funny

“He tried to explain the appearance, function, and purpose of a pushup bra to me.”

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

A taxi driver once tried to convince me, for about 20 awkward minutes, that the national language of Chile is French.

I am Chilean. It's Spanish.

—Pamela Cataldo, Facebook


A co-worker once tried to mansplain that fouls don't count as strikes in baseball. As a huge baseball fan, I obviously refuted that — the first two strikes can be from fouls, you just can't strike out on a foul. He still continued to maintain that he was right, because he watched baseball since he was a kid and coached Little League. It only ended with me finally having to show him the actual foul strike rule on my phone.

— Kayla Savard, Facebook

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