36 Hidden Gems On Netflix You Should Already Be Watching

Stop spending the whole night trying to find something to watch.

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1. TiMER: A futuristic romantic comedy about knowing down to the day when you’ll meet your soulmate.
—Becky Martin, Facebook

2. Lovesick (Scrotal Recall): A British sitcom where a twentysomething guy gets chlamydia and has to tell all of his former partners.
—Amanda Niblett, Facebook

3. iZombie: A medical resident gets turned into a zombie and, while working at a morgue, eats people’s brains in order to solve their murders.
—Ellie Alessio, Facebook

4. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: An Australian drama about a flapper in the 1920s who is also a detective.
—Cate Flanagan, Facebook

5. Marcella: A British series about a crime detective who, after her husband leaves her, returns to the police force to work on an unsolved case from 11 years ago.
—Maria Fc, Facebook

6. Scream: The TV Series: Inspired by the Scream movies, this slasher revolves around a town’s dark past and the mysterious murders that start taking place.
—Audrey Jennings, Facebook

7. Grace and Frankie: Two women find out after 40 years of marriage that their husbands have fallen in love with each other.
—Chrissy Marie, Facebook

8. Bates Motel: A prequel series of the classic movie Psycho that is insanely addictive.
—Violet Dyer, Facebook

9. Peaky Blinders: A gangster drama that takes place in 1920s England and showcases Cillian Murphy’s incredible cheekbones.
—Erica Garcia, Facebook

10. Sense8: Eight strangers around the world are connected mentally and try to use these powers against the people who are hunting them.

11. Black Mirror: It’s like The Twilight Zone, but for the modern era.

12. Wentworth: It’s sort of like the Australian version of Orange Is the New Black. Enough said.

13. Narcos: Based off of Pablo Escabar and the Colombian drug cartel, this Netflix original will leave you hanging off the edge of your seat.

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