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The Advantages of Arts and Crafts

The majority of us are interested only in those entertainments that involve screen time, like television and Internet, which are passive by nature and do not do much to foster good brain health. Many scientists have found that entertainments that are more active in nature, like those involving the creation of arts and crafts projects and the use of your hands, are much more beneficial to your brain health. This phenomenon, often called ‘knitting brain’ by some observers, is not a new discovery, but just an affirmation of what many people have known for a long time.

In our present age people tend to experience a great deal of anxiety. Anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders are becoming increasingly common in recent years. In an effort to cope with this kind of anxiety, many people immerse themselves in all kinds of entertainments, many of which really do not do much to address their anxiety at all. In fact, many activities like prolonged television viewing, Internet consumption and playing video games can actually exacerbate this anxiety or complicate things even further.

Recently, there has been a great deal of research supporting the idea that knitting, and other arts and crafts, has a therapeutic effect for people. Though people often take up knitting as a kind of hobby, making things like hats and boots for their new arrivals, science has found that arts and crafts like knitting provide people with much more than the items that they end up creating. Knitting has been well known for its relaxing benefits, but recent researches suggest that the therapeutic effects are even deeper than this.

Recent researches are suggesting that the activities, hobbies and entertainments that we take part in end up influencing our brain chemistry. When you actively take part in activities that involve both your brain and your hands, you may actually be stimulating the production of beneficial brain chemicals.

Not only does knitting reduce stress hormones in your brain, but it can also increase amounts of beneficial neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Activities like knitting have also been found to be beneficial for Alzheimers patients and people suffering from ADHD symptoms. This is something known as ‘knitting brain’ and if you are suffering from anxiety and other psychological symptoms, taking up an arts and crafts hobby that provides proven brain benefits is a good idea.

Anyone who would like more information about arts and crafts like knitting should begin by visiting a website that can provide them with all of the information that they need to get started. The best way to get started is to perform a search on your preferred search engine for arts and crafts or the brain benefits of knitting.

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