Daily Maintenance of The Hair

In our daily life, doing smallest things is likely to affect the health of hair. Protecting your health, starting from details. Hopefully these tips can help you get a more beautiful hair.

1. Maintain your hair by Diet

It needs nutrients to growth for hair, Such as it needs protein, fat, amino acids and trace elements zinc, iron, calcium, and so on. Fish, eggs, milk and so on are rich in iodine; Animal liver, beef, oysters, peanut, potato, carrot, coarse flour foods rich in iron, and milk, fish, shrimp skin is rich in calcium, Often take that food, it can make your hair shiny, soft and elastic. In addition, there is a rich cystine in Sesame, there is protein collagen in Bone soup, that will tones your body up. Taking an egg every day, that will prevent your hair to become yellow and white.

2. Massage your head.

Only the blood is ample on Scalp, you can have a black, lustrous hair. It can regulate secretion of sebaceous gland. Improve blood circulatory and metabolism through massaging your head. That is good for your hair. massage head by combing hair, The comb is very important also, had better choose the tooth of hair smooth mellow, should choose the comb that is Made of boe, wood, can reduce the damage. Don’t too hard when combing the hair. Also you can replace by five fingers.

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