People Can’t Believe How Incredibly Satisfying This Woman’s Calligraphy Videos Are

So mesmerising.

A calligrapher from Vancouver has become an Instagram hit thanks to her mesmerisingly perfect handwriting videos.

Instagram: @handlettery_studio

Vicky Kei Chan works as a graphic designer, but in 2015, after planning her wedding, she fell in love with calligraphy and set up Handlettery Studio.

Instagram: @handlettery_studio

“Calligraphy gives me the time away from the computer that I need. I love how calm I feel when I’m practicing, and I adore working with my clients to come up with new ideas.”

Instagram: @handlettery_studio

About eight months ago, she began sharing photos and videos of her calligraphy to Instagram. While the photos are beautiful, it’s the videos that have really taken off.

Instagram: @handlettery_studio

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