SeaGlass Jewelry for the Seasons

I hadn’t thought about seasonal jewelry much until I started creating sea glass jewelry.  Even though I have what I call my Caribbean jewelry that I only wear there, I tend to wear the same jewelry pieces all year round.  It wasn’t until I was looking at some jewelry on the site etsy that I came up with the idea.  I need to create seasonally inspired pieces.

I started by changing out the colors of sea glass that I used and buying beads and charms.  For spring time I wanted to use light colored glass, and pastels (that I would have to purchase online). I would use colorful beads and lots of swirls of wire wrapping.  For winter I would use white sea glass, to mimic the snow, and snowflakes and glittery shiny beads and embellishments on the jewelry.

People seemed to really enjoy the different types of jewelry I was making, and it helped it to see all year around. The shops where I have my jewelry consigned have see a big rise in sales, which is good news for both of us.  You may want to try to use this idea in order to boost your jewelry sales.

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