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Trump’s Campaign Claims That A Federal Office Illegally Turned Over Emails To Special Counsel View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

A Bunch Of Top Trump Officials Were Duped By A Fake Email Prank

A British “email prankster” tricked several White House advisors into thinking he was their colleagues. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

It’s Easy To Fall For Email Phishing Scams. Here’s How To Protect Yourself

What “phishing” is, how to identify it, and what to do if you are accidentally tricked. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

People Are Laughing At This Student’s Email To Her Teacher

“I love you bye.” Meet 19-year-old Abby Jo Hamele, she’s an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Kevin Patton Hamele told BuzzFeed News that she had her wisdom teeth removed about a week ago. The recovery, she said, required “a lot of hydrocodone.” Kevin- I believe that i relmebmer you said we, as us students, […]

What Was Your Embarrassing Teenage Email Address?

Was it as bad as Everyone had an embarrassing email address in the ’00s. Twitter: @harry_styles Whether you tried to be fun and flirty with something like… MTV … or just wanted to use cool slang with something like… FOX … no one is proud of their teenage email address. ITV 2 […]

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