Friend Or Fake News? 📲

How A Pro-Trump Twitter Scheme Fell Apart After A Retweet From The President View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

Friend Or Fake News?

How A Pro-Trump Twitter Scheme Fell Apart After A Retweet From The President View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

A Bunch Of Top Trump Officials Were Duped By A Fake Email Prank

A British “email prankster” tricked several White House advisors into thinking he was their colleagues. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

Fake News, Real Pain

A Guy Accidentally Shot Himself After A Fake News Story Made Trump Supporters Protest For No Reason View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

17 Fake Deep Things You Did In High School

No shade, but you were the worst type of person in high school. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

Can You Spot The Real Pixar Character From The Fake?

Can you choose between the real Pixar character and the very similar impostor? View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

Fake News: Oscar Accountant Held Grudge Against La La Land: She Was Stuck in Traffic on Highway During Filming of Opening Scene

BREAKING FAKE NEWS: Sources say that Martha Ruiz, one of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers accountants who screwed up the Oscars– had it in for Categories: Featured Movies (Read more…) Showbiz411

People Think The Story About A Guy Getting Caught Cheating On Burger King’s Instagram Is Fake AF

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A story about a guy’s girlfriend using Burger King’s Instagram page to catch him taking his side chick out went viral this week. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images The story was covered by several news outlets, including The Sun and Mail Online. The Sun / Via The argument appears to have taken place […]

Can You Pick Out The Fake Medical Condition From The Real Ones?

Get ready to play doctor. BuzzFeed News / Getty BuzzFeed Index – Latest

17 Things That Girls With Big Butts Will Think Are Fake

“I don’t really get wedgies.” Being able to squeeze through tight spaces like you’re a fucking superhero. If we were running away from a bad guy and had to squeeze through two walls in an alley, we would be really fucked. Fox Not getting wedgies from every piece of clothing known to man. R.I.P. underwear, […]

18 Things That Definitely Sound Fake To Book Lovers

Being able to pick just one favourite book. Finishing the books you have before buying more. Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed And being sensible with just how much you spend on them. The WB View Entire List › BuzzFeed Index – Latest

19 Things That Sound Fake To Harry Potter Fans

“I am so happy with that Dumbledore scene in Goblet of Fire!!!!!!” Not crying when the Warner Bros. logo comes on the screen. Warner Bros. Finishing one book and not immediately picking up the next in the series. Instagram: @danielle_lea24 / Via Watching the movies and not saying every line along with each character. […]

Test Your Bullshit Detector With This Week’s Fake News Quiz

Can you separate the true news stories from the fake ones? BuzzFeed Index – Latest

Donald Trump Posts Fake News Story to Facebook, Website About Delegate Court Decision

Are Donald Trump’s followers being fed a fake version of the news? Something is very wrong about how actual news is being Categories: Featured Politics (Read more…) Showbiz411

25 Things That Will Make Tall Girls Say “Sounds Fake, But OK”

Beware the curse of the low showerhead. Wearing a romper without getting a wedgie. Instagram: @bepydoll / Via Finding jeans that fit and are the right length. Instagram: @jocelyn_bk / Via Staying in a cheap hotel and actually fitting in the bed. Instagram: @nedalicious_ / Via Wearing full-length maxi skirts. Instagram: @trebleinthekchn […]

Can You Guess If These Pop Star Demands Are Real Or Fake?

Play along with the cast of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping! Universal Pictures Universal Pictures View Entire List › BuzzFeed Index – Latest

Can You Spot The Real Candy Wrapper From The Fake?

Only true candy connoisseurs will know. BuzzFeed Index – Latest

This Viral Washing Machine Con Might Be Completely Fake

Or it might be a meme. Or it might a bug. A Facebook post about a washing machine deal gone horribly wrong has gone viral, in part because of its hilarious content, but also because it appears to have become a meme. A man named Jordan Baker posted the “***WARNING***” and was keen on […]

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