Are You The Left Kitten Or The Right Kitten In Your Relationship?

Which one are you? This is you and your BFF. Which one are you? Answer the questions below to find out. 101cats / Via Getty BuzzFeed Index – Latest

Is This A Puppy Or A Kitten?

Can you go 10 for 10? BuzzFeed Index – Latest

A Tiny Stray Kitten Crashed A Live Newscast And It Was So Freaking Cute

And soon, she’ll be up for adoption. Meet Lucky Seven, a 6-week-old kitten who recently stole the show and all of our hearts during a live newscast in Detroit. Nima Shaffe, a reporter and anchor at WXYZ-TV Channel 7, told BuzzFeed the kitten was just hanging around the parking lot of the county sheriff's office […]

A Kitten Clung To A Car’s Bumper For 300 Miles And Survived

Tigger was discovered by a Royal Navy pilot who heard meowing on a drive from Birmingham to Cornwall. This is Tigger, a renegade kitten from Birmingham who clung to a car as it drove 300 miles to a naval base in Cornwall. Poa(phot) Paul A’barrow / Royal Navy The car belonged to 32-year-old Royal Navy […]

This Paralyzed Kitten Has The Cutest Little Wheelchair Made Out Of Legos

He’s really fast! Meet Mac N’ Cheez, a kitten who was found paralyzed but just got a speedy new wheelchair. The weeks-old kitten (who goes by Mac for short) was found on the streets of Long Island, New York, abandoned by his mom. He was rescued and brought into the Massapequa Pet Vet, where a […]

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