23 Tweets For Anyone Who Knows That Iced Coffee Season Is All Year Long

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This Paper Fortune Teller Knows Your Future

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Luke Cage Is Black As Hell And Doesn’t Care Who Knows It

Netflix Marvel’s Luke Cage is packed with all the excitement you’d expect from a live action series. Bullets fly, windows smash, and several things explode, but by far the most striking image is that of Luke, played by Mike Colter, striding confidently in a bullet-riddled hoodie, unfazed by the firepower coming his way. The immediate […]

37 “Facts” And Things That Everyone Between The Ages Of 32 And 39 Knows

If you don’t know who JTT is, then you shouldn’t click on this post! All the words to “Wonderwall.” And how it's an important karaoke staple. Sony / Via smg.photobucket.com That the Fashion Club is the original Plastics. And the genius of Daria in general. MTV That every tween, teen, and young adult smelled like […]

33 Things Everyone Between The Ages Of 24 And 31 Knows

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15 Things Every Latino Who Didn’t Speak Spanish Growing Up Knows To Be True

Spanglish please. Growing up, your parents tried to get you to practice your Spanish by forcing you to speak to distant relatives on the phone. FOX / Via giphy.com When you walked into tienditas, they assumed you speak Spanish so you were just like: NBC / Via giphy.com And the same goes for Mexican restaurants. […]

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