17 Tumblr Posts About Movies That Will Make Women Simultaneously Laugh And Groan

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If You Have Anxiety, These Tumblr Posts Will Make Perfect Sense To You

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27 Tumblr Posts That’ll Scramble Your Brains

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18 Tumblr Posts That Summarise Our Relationship With Tech And The Internet

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Trump Lawyer Posts Tweet He’s Not a Racist, Has a Lot of Black Friends

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18 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make People With Vaginas Laugh Out Loud

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19 Tumblr Posts To Read When You Need A Good Laugh

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Unhappy Days: Erin Moran’s Husband Posts Statement About Her Rapid Throat Cancer and Untimely Death

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18 Wonderful And Perfect Posts About Girls Supporting Other Girls

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31 Tumblr Posts That’ll Leave You Shook

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23 Tumblr Posts About Dogs That You Won’t Get Through Without Smiling

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21 Hilarious “Harry Potter” Tumblr Posts That’ll Make You Realize Some Shit

Harry learned he could talk to snakes and his first reaction was to make small talk. This is probably an actual photo of Sirius and James. tomvanbeast.tumblr.com Hermione probably should’ve been nicer to Trelawney. fuckyeahtxtposts.tumblr.com And she probably could’ve been an even better student than she was. filthypiratehooker.tumblr.com Literally anything could have happened in the […]

17 Hilarious Posts About Muggleborns At Hogwarts

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22 Tumblr Posts About Sirius And Lupin Being Gay That Are Hilarious

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17 Posts That Prove Your Brain Is An Asshole

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23 Really Funny Tumblr Posts That Are Just About, Like, Life

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Justin Bieber Posts Pic with Sex Offender on Instagram, Also Releases Lame New Single

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21 Posts That Prove “Harry Potter” And Tumblr Are A Magical Combination

“Hermione Granger and her sister, Hermitwo.” This incredible twist on one of Dumbledore’s best lines. trannysaurus–rex.tumblr.com This realization that Bill and Percy were directly followed by Fred and George. somanyfeelingssolittletime.tumblr.com THIS. jaminthetardis.tumblr.com This showcase of extraordinary self-control on the part of the wizarding world. tinyluxmachine.tumblr.com View Entire List › BuzzFeed Index – Latest

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