15 Reasons Why Grandparents Are The Very Best People On This Planet

There’s just no one quite like ’em. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

The “Thirteen Reasons Why” Author Says He’s Being Harassed After Having “Affairs With Consenting Adults”

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators say they cut ties with author Jay Asher after an investigation of sexual harassment. He says he’s the one who’s being harassed. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

13 Reasons Malia Obama Is Literally The Best Obama

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13 Reasons All Foodies Should Put Charleston On Their Travel Bucket List

It’s the ultimate food city. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

(Watch) Lady Gaga Had a “Million” Reasons to Do Private Show for Russian Oligarch Wedding at Oscars Theater in Hollywood

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga raked in anywhere from $500,000 to a million dollars playing on the stage where the Oscars take Categories: Celebrity Featured Music (Read more…) Showbiz411

Let’s Talk About “13 Reasons Why”

The Show That Forced A Worldwide Conversation About Teen Suicide View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

The Cast Of “13 Reasons Why” Cleaned Up Really Fucking Nice At The MTV Movie & TV Awards

They just looked great. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

17 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

Like no. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

MS-13 Reasons Why

What Is MS-13, And Why Is Trump Suddenly Obsessed With This Gang? View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

The Author Of “Thirteen Reasons Why” Talks About Those Very Graphic Rape Scenes

“It’s uncomfortable, but that’s OK,” Jay Asher told BuzzFeed News. “It needs to be.” WARNING: Spoilers ahead. View Entire Post › BuzzFeed – Latest

17 Reasons Barry And Iris From “The Flash” Are The Best Couple On TV

In every timeline. Barry always goes all out for her. Their kisses are crazy amazing. Even in a world where they don’t know each other, their chemistry is on point. Like, always. View Entire List › BuzzFeed Index – Latest

19 Delicious Reasons Apple Season Is The Best Season

Time to get bakin’! Paleo Apple Pie Recipe here. A Saucy Kitchen / Via asaucykitchen.com Oatmeal Baked Apples With Maple Brown Butter and Toasted Hazelnuts Recipe here. How Sweet Eats / Via howsweeteats.com Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake Recipe here. Half Baked Harvest / Via halfbakedharvest.com Coconut Oil Apple Crisp Recipe here. Pinch of Yum / […]

(Watch) Lady Gaga’s Knockout “SNL” Performances of “Million Reasons” and “A YO (Mirror on the Ceiling)”

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19 Reasons Why We Should Fucking Appreciate Cold Weather

Because you can’t be cozy when it’s hot outside. The colder months are great because there’s zero maintenance involved. Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed And there’s absolutely none of this “summer body” shit. You couldn't possibly cope in the cold without creamy, cheesy, carby meals. It's, like, a basic requirement when the weather turns cold. foodnetwork.com […]

There Are A “Million Reasons” to Like Lady Gaga’s New Ballad About Leaving a Relationship (Listen)

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21 Reasons To Hate Millennials, If You Needed Any

“Did they develop an app for ass wiping?” They aren’t buying enough diamonds. ThinkStock / Via Twitter: @cowlonfullerton They apply for jobs online instead of just casually walking into a store and being offered one. Even though the people in the store will literally just tell you to apply online. FX They aren’t fixing the […]

15 Reasons Fall Is So Goddamn Overrated As A Season

Come at me. Listen, I know there are a lot of you out there who just loooove fall, but I have news for you: FALL SUCKS. instagram.com I don’t know when, but at some point, people decided fall was just the best damn thing, and now it’s getting ridiculous. Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed It’s literally […]

19 Reasons Why Soraya Montenegro Is A Goddamn Style Icon

The evil fashion inspo we didn’t know we needed. Maria la del Barrio was a Mexican novela that aired in 1995. It was televised in 180 countries, even inspiring a Philippine remake. Technically Thalía was the star of the show, but twenty years later, the character who really lives on is everyone's favorite villain: Soraya […]

9 Reasons Shanghai Disneyland Belongs On Your Bucket List

There’s no Space Mountain, no It’s A Small World, no Jungle Cruise, and not even a Haunted Mansion. But believe it or not, you won’t even care. Hey! I’m Carlye. In perhaps what is one of the most can’t-believe-this-actually-exists jobs of all time, I write about theme parks for a living. (That's me in the […]

16 Reasons Plus-Size Women Should Never Wear Sheer Clothing

“They shouldn’t draw attention to themselves,” said the worst human alive. “They should just cover themselves up — even in the summer.” Sounds v practical! @nadiaaboulhosn / Via instagram.com “No one wants to see a plus-size woman’s body.” Um, us plebs are lucky to see Ashley Graham's bod on the daily, thank you very much. […]

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